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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

July 17, 2010

Today, out of sheer habit, I visited Plinky.  The prompt was:  The world would be a better place if….That’s funny because I was just thinking about writing a blog about how one aspect of my world has changed and how things are better for it.

See,  our household deals with two alternate households: the girls’ mom and Abby’s dad.  Used to be, when either of them were mentioned, things automatically got tense.  It seemed as though we were always battling one or the other at any given time.  Things were never calm around here.  There was always some sort of drama going on.

With the girls’ mom, it was always a court battle on the horizon or some battle of tempers between her and Keith.  With Abby’s dad it was… well we didn’t speak. Not as in “We aren’t friends and don’t like each other so we don’t chit chat.”  We literally did not speak unless it was absolutely necessary.  Abby would ride the bus home from school to his house on Fridays and then ride the bus back to school on Monday.  We never had to have any dealings with each other and to be honest, I think that was all on him. I knew that we had to speak for the well-being of our child but he didn’t see it that way.

About a year and a half ago, Abby’s dad and I went to court.  We were ordered into counseling with Abby and at some point, a switch was turned and we started speaking for Abby’s sake.  About the same time, Keith and his ex ended one of their ongoing battles and it was like a weight was lifted.  We could all be in the same room with each other and make eye contact.

Abby’s dad and I talk about once every two weeks.  I keep him abreast of things happening at school, whether or not there are any boys on the horizon, attitude problems I am having, etc.  He actually kept Abby – happily – while we were in Haiti.  For someone who couldn’t be bothered with even his court ordered time with his child, this was a huge deal.

Keith and the girls’ mom talk about once a week.  There’s always a question or something that arises that warrants a phone call.  Now that summer is in full swing, I end up talking to her probably every three days.  We aren’t best friends, but she is my friend on Facebook now.  Quite a change from a year ago, eh?

All this to say, my world is much better because we all get along now.  Is there someone in your life that you could attempt to get along better with in an effort to make your situation better?  Next time you go to make some biting remark, think about how much better my world is and then think twice about taking a jab.

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