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Vampires, Werewolves and Preteens! Oh My!

July 12, 2010

Friday was Emily’s birthday party.  It was a Twilight themed party.  She had invited 10 people.  I was kinda worried because so many kept backing out at the last minute.  Then she (and I) invited more at the last minute, so we ended up with seven instead of the ten, so that was cool.  My eardrums are still sore from the seven that did come.

I try to surprise the girls with something regarding their parties each year – theme, the party itself, cake, etc.  This time, I kept the decorations a secret.  I found some awesome signs at  Hostess With the Mostess.   They were quotes from the movies printed out on really cool backgrounds.  I had those in picture frames all over the house.  I actually made one:

It says:  About three things, I was absolutely positive.  First, Emily was turning nine.  Second, she thirsted for a Twilight birthday party – and Edward Cullen.  And third, I unconditionally and irrevocably loved her and would try to make her happy.

I had everything (the tablecloth, cups, napkins, etc) in black or red and had tons of white candles with red wax dripped on them.  There were white Christmas lights laid out and red streamers hung.  It really looked great, I think (and so does everyone who saw it).  I have pictures, but they don’t do it all justice:

The cupcakes weren’t out of a book this time, I found them online too.  They were Vampire Bite cupcakes:

They were marshmallow frosting topped with Cherry filling – to give it the authentic bloody feel.

The girls had a blast.  Three of the girls can never get together again – they were so loud.  Emily made up many games for them to play – all of them having to do with vampires or werewolves or both.  Plays on tag and sharks and minnows and the like.  They went through four pizzas, two family size boxes of mac and cheese – “shells, please” and two tons of chips and fruit snacks.

I felt like I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning. In reality, I spent Saturday and Sunday evening cleaning and Saturday afternoon helping Keith hang shutters.  Our house looks much better. Who knew that shutters would add so much to a house.

Sunday after everyone left from Simple Lunch, we attempted to go to the pool.  We drove all the way out to Harrison Bay to use their pool (Keith wanted to ride the bike a decent distance and I just wanted something not so close).  We paid the fee to get in and the girls jumped in.  Keith and I were applying sunscreen when they closed the pool because some kid (I hope it was a kid) decided it would be a good idea to … errr… go to the bathroom in the pool. They were cleaning feces out of the pool.  Woohoo.  So that trip was wasted.

We did watch The Wolfman last night – which was much better than I thought it would be.  I really enjoy Anthony Hopkins and his role as the father in this film didn’t disappoint me.  The story revolves around Lawrence, who returns to his ancestral home to look into the disappearance of his brother.  Turns out, brother has been killed by something.  Something that terrorizes the town and is pretty danged strong.

After a pretty busy weekend, I feel pretty good.  We had some good family time listening to Abby fill us in on her Creation trip and looking at pictures, we spent some quality time together, enjoyed a movie, got some stuff accomplished and had a pretty rockin’ birthday party.

I’d say the weekend was a success.  Now just to make the week just as successful.

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