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July 5, 2010

WordPress offers a new feature of some sort. I don’t really understand how it works, but I clicked on it: plinky.  It’s a writing prompt.  I share a love of writing prompts with Abby, just for the record.  Funny that I mention her, because today’s ramblings are about her in a round about way.

So I click on today’s prompt and it’s “When was the last time you thanked someone?”  Well, I thank people all the time. I try to be polite.  “Thank you for coming over.” “Thanks for passing the peas.”  “Thanks for remembering your manners.” (Yes, I use that one. Often.)   And I not only remembered the last time I thanked someone in a thoughtful way, I remembered the time I have yet to thank someone – or in this case a bunch of someones. First for the thank you.

Abby spent the last week at CreationFest.  It’s a music festival in Mount Union, PA.  Think of it as Woodstock for Christians.  She went with the youth and four leaders.  Supposedly she had fun.  She got in last night and I have only got one word answers out of her so far.  “Did you have fun?” “Yes.” “Who was your favorite artist? Casting Crowns?” “No.” “Newsboys?” “NO.” “Well, who?” “Skillet.”  See, it was like pulling teeth.  I am going to chalk it up to being tired and all that.  But the cool thing was she had a prayer warrior back home (other than her family) the whole time she was gone.

Mrs. T is the grandmother of one of the children I teach in Children’s Church.  She is very sweet and always has a smile and a very sincere “How are you?” for me.  She and her husband help out with our outreaches when they can.  Mrs. T was Abby’s prayer warrior.  She wrote Abby a letter (that I have not read) just telling her she was praying for her and that she hoped her week was a blessing. and letting her know she would be covered in prayer all week.

To know that there is someone out there who is praying for my daughter when there is no “obligation” to do so makes my heart sing.  Mrs. T wasn’t asked to pray for Abby.  There was no prayer request made.  Abby isn’t one of her grandchilldren that I suspect Mrs. T prayers for religiously.  She is just a precious woman who cared enough to ask God to watch out for Abby last week. 

So I sent her a message telling her how much I appreciated it.  I haven’t seen her in person yet to tell her face to face but as soon as I do, I will tell her.

As for my non-thank yous, I realized last night, when I saw the thank you cards, that I have yet to send my Haiti thank you cards.  So if you are one of the people who made it possible for us to go, you haven’t been forgotten,  I’m just rude.  I overlook things.  Go back a couple of posts and see my airplane post.  Sending thank you cards was actually on a to-do list that I made on the plane on the way home from Haiti. It just never got to-done.  So for that, I am sorry.  Sincerely.  Please forgive me.  I am a terribly rude person.

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