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Ice Pops, Water Slides, Fresh Vegetables And Oh! Look! An Airplane In The Sky!

June 28, 2010

I don’t know what’s going on. I am so scattered. More so than normal.  So unfocused.  Most of you know I battle a mental disorder.  I went to my shrink a couple of weeks ago and brought this distraction-prone-ness up to him and he thinks I have adult ADD.  What?!?!  That so isn’t me.  He won’t treat it with medication, thank goodness. I hate medication.  And I already take so many, I don’t need any more. Apparently ADD medication reacts very poorly with some of the medication I am already on and the medication I am already on takes precendence over any ADD medication we might ever dream of putting me on, so I am stuck with this scattered-brainedness it would seem.

Unfortunately, that means that half the stuff I have planned to get done over the summer isn’t getting done in quite the way I had hoped.

I started a quilt.  By that I mean I cut all the fabric out.  Then something bright and shiny caught my eye. Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

Keith wanted me to go through the entire house and do some good deep cleaning.  So I started on that. I got the pantry cleaned out.  Moved on to the fridge.  Made it to my bedroom.  I haven’t moved beyond that.  This was last week. Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

I have started two read aloud books with the girls.  Neither of them are finished -not even half-way finished.    I am not necessarily going to take the blame on this one though.  They wanted to read both Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief and The Magician’s Elephant at the same time. Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

Because I am not even half way finished with Percy Jackson, I am not far into our unit of study into Greek Mythology.  We made our paper mache Mount Olympus and that’s as far as we got.  Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

The garden that Keith – and I – worked  hard to get ready to plant never got finished.  Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!  Now it is a bed of weeds, some pea plants and a bunch of dried up carrots.  Keith has decided to revive the garden in an effort to get more exercise.  I am going to take advantage of his efforts and go behind his weeding and digging and plant some more seeds and hope it isn’t too late to see some veggies grow this year.  We are in the south after all. Growing season shouldn’t be over till September or something crazy like that.  Unless an airplane comes along of course.

We have been trying to get together for a game night with friends for weeks now. Our schedules are hard to pull together well.  But I tell you, it really feels like something is trying to keep us apart. I cannot get this thing worked out with them to save my life.  It’s driving me insane. Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

Speaking of friends, if you have called me, I probably haven’t returned your call. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to or haven’t meant to. It’s that  it has totally slipped my mind.  Seriously.  I found a voice mail on my phone yesterday that had to be from two weeks ago. How in the world did I miss that?  Oh! Look! An airplane in the sky!

I made out a beautiful schedule for the summer – just a loose outline of things that needed to get done in a lazy day type thing.  I can’t find it.  It’s in The Land of Everything That Disappears When The Airplane Flies Overhead.  I imagine it is a big room with lots of windows and deep crimson walls with lots of white trim around the windows.  Plenty of black and white art fills the walls and there are plenty of bookshelves to house all the books that I start but never finish.  There are mismatched socks, lost housekeys, misplaced shopping lists, my favorite (for the few days while I have them anyway) pens, the endless scraps of paper that I write endless lists on but can never find later and, last but not least, bits and pieces of my sanity.  And it’s all over cast by the shadow of an airplane that’s constantly flying overhead.  This room is a treasure trove of goodies.  The map to this room is hidden somewhere in my mind but I can’t quite put my finger on it.  It’s quite a disturbing feeling actually.

So if you have any advice on how to get back on track, please share. This scatteredness is really annoying. 

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  1. Katrina permalink
    June 28, 2010 2:52 pm

    I tried ritalin briefly…didn’t do me any good and I was only taking prozac at the time. Oh well. The meds make our brains much better in some ways and worse in others. Some days I can’t hold a thought for more than a few seconds. I’ll start to go do whatever I was thinking of, then I completely forget what I was about to do.

  2. June 28, 2010 2:57 pm

    To me this sounds more like overextending yourself than ADD. It sounds like you just have so much going on and sooooooooooooooo much planned that you simply can not fit it all in and are distracted because you feel overwhelmed. Here’s what’s been helping me battle this same affliction. Every morning no matter what I get up put on clothes brush my teeth and make a list for the day. In that order. My list can contain no more then TEN things. So for example I will have clean kitchen, take lil to park and play, read to lil at bedtime, make meals, etc. I do the things on the list one at a time. They do not have to be in order. As soon as I finish one I mark it off. I do not go back to it, as far as I am concerned it’s done. Now if I look the next day and see that when I wrote clean the kitchen I didn’t get to the oven, then I put that on the list for today. Does that make sense? It’s been helping me and right now the house is cleaner than it has been in almost a year. It’s still not where I want it to be but I just keep working my list down and it will get there. HTH

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