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June 10, 2010

Sunday our church is having its baptism and picnic.  We are all heading to Harrison Bay State Park for the afternoon after church.  The church has had two of these so far.

The first one happened when the church was still relatively new.  A get-to-know-you type of thing.  It was actually pretty fun.  We had inflatables for the kiddos, tons of food and the baptisms were done in the open water as opposed to a baptismal – the only way I had ever seen a baptism done before.  One of the children I teach in our elementary department was baptized that day.  I have to admit to getting a little teary-eyed.

The second one happened when we were out of town, so I can’t tell you how fun that particular picnic was, but I can tell you all I have heard about it was how cold it was. I know how disappointed I was – and still am – that I couldn’t go.  I am sure that I would have met a ton of people I don’t really know (It’s hard working half the time you are at church and then not being able to mingle even when you aren’t working.) and had fun hanging out with those I already know.

This one was going to be extra special.

Probably two months ago, Abby calmly announced that she wanted to get baptized again.  I asked why and she explained:

She was saved around the time she was seven (Abby will probably come on here and correct me her age.  Abby, forgive me in advance for getting my dates wrong!!!) and baptized not long after. (At the time, I was not a Christian.) Abby gotten more mature and feels that now she “gets” what it means to be a Christian to the fullest – as best I understand her to explain it to me.  Therefore, she wishes to be baptized again.  She understands that her first baptism still stands and this is simply symbolic for her.

I was so happy! I got a do over.  I got to be a Christian and see my baby be baptized.  See, the first time she was baptized, I didn’t get it.  I didn’t understand the significance of what she was doing.  Now I get it.  So, while it wouldn’t be the time, it’s still my baby being baptized.  I saw it as such an amazing God gift.

Unfortunately, Abby just called.  She wanted to let me know that her dad has changed his plans and that instead of them arriving back in town on Saturday, they won’t be back until Sunday. She doesn’t know what time they will be back and her father wasn’t around to ask him the time.  Please pray that they make it back in time.

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  1. Christina Dies permalink
    June 10, 2010 9:42 pm

    Will definitely be praying that she gets back in time! Love ya!

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