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Passing The Summer Away With Percy, Ramona and a Magical Elephant

June 8, 2010
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This summer, I want to read. A lot.  Not just for me, but for the girls.  I want to read to them and have them read to me.  Read with them.  One of the greatest memory of my childhood is reading with my mom.  From the time I was able to do so until I was a teenager, I read to my mom and loved it.  She read to us non-stop as well.  She instilled a love of reading in me that never went away.

We spent our summers at the library.  An early morning trip there with a promise, “You can get as many books as you can carry.”  Pretty soon she regretted that promise.  After the library, we would stop and get an ice cream cone to enjoy (but I never did enjoy it because I was too anxious to get home to my books) before the trip home.  Hours during my days would be spent reading the same books over and over.  And at night, I was allowed to stay up extra late – as long as I was reading.  My mom knew how to start a love affair, that’s for sure.

I hope that I can pass a little of that inheritance on to my girls.  And I hope to start this summer with a few of these:

  • The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau –  The City of Ember is a dark, dark city surrounded by the great Unknown.  There is no natural light and the town’s electrical lighting is quite often going out.  The supplies are running low and morale even lower.  Doon, our fearless 12 year old leader and Lina, his sidekick, set out to save Ember and think they have a way out.    I read this book in its entirety while working at Abby’s school’s book fair two years ago. I loved it.
  • The Magician’s Elephant – Kate DiCamillo – On a perfectly ordinary day, Peter goes to the market. Instead of buying the fish and bread that his guardian has asked him to procure, he uses the coin to pay a fortune-teller to get information about his sister, whom he believes to be dead. He is told that she is alive, and that an elephant will lead him to her. That very night at a performance in the town’s opera house, a magician conjures up an elephant (by mistake) that crashes through the roof and cripples the society dame she happens to land on. The lives of the boy, his guardian, and the local policeman, along with the magician and his unfortunate victim, as well as a beggar, his dog, a sculptor, and a nun all intertwine in a series of events triggered by the appearance of the elephant. Miraculous events resolve not only the mystery of the whereabouts of Peter’s sister, but also the deeper needs of all of the individuals involved.   I haven’t read this one but I can’t wait to!
  • Beezus and Ramona – Beverly Cleary – Do I even need to explain what this one is about?  Emily picked up one of the Ramona books the other day and seemed interested in them.  Since my reluctant reader seemed interested in a book, I am going to jump on it and hopefully beat her to the movie craze too.
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief – Rick Riordon – Percy has a couple of run-ins with some mythological creatures which leads him to the discovery that he is none other than Poseidon’s own son!  Percy is sent to a school for demi-gods where but his stay there is short lived, as he is sent off on a mission to save the world from a battle of the gods.  Katie has read the entire series. I have read some of this one.  Emily wants us to read this one to her, so we are!  Plus I have an entire summer lesson plan planned out for this one! To be culminated by watching the movie.
  • Ivy and Bean –  Annie Barrows – Two little girls with nothing in common: Bean is a tomboy all around: mud puddle jumping and fence climbing are more her speed than reading books.  Ivy the quiet bookworm.  Obviously the two have nothing in common and they know they won’t be friends.  Until Ivy helps her out of trouble and Bean  finds out Ivy is  in training to be a witch!  Emily is all about this series.  Again, my reluctant reader shows interest in a book, I will make sure we read it!
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox – Roald Dahl – The Fantastic Mr. Fox must outwit the three farmers he has been stealing from.  Will he succeed?  Yes, we will watch the movie when we are finished.

I am quite sure there are many more books we will read, I just can’t think of them to add to our list right now.  Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. June 9, 2010 8:36 pm

    Oh how I love books. Anything by roald dahl rocks! I have the witches, the BFG, and like three others of his and I have two awesome Roald Dahl cookbooks. I totally suggest them , they use recipes from the made up food in the books. The recipes are super good. My favorite recipe in the world comes from them, it’s for the chocolate cake from Matilda,mmmmmmmmmmm….. When I was their age i loved the American Girl novels and now I read them to lil. Alice in wonderland and alice through the looking glass are both magical and wonderful. All of the ology style books are awesome. The indian in the cupboard. The stone fox. Any of the Caroline B Cooney books.

    I have a huge and I mean huge library of children’s literature. If you guys want borrow anything let me know. I have all the books listed above.

    • Bibliophile Babe permalink
      June 10, 2010 5:04 pm

      I know of everything you mentioned except Caroline B Cooney… who is that??? Hmmm????

      I love, love, love the -ology books (so does Katie especially!) but they don’t tend to be read alouds. We are doing Fantastic Mr. Fox, which is Dahl. I will have to check out the cookbooks. Maybe I can borrow them from you?

      They have the American Girl books but don’t like them anymore, they used to but I think they think they are too old for them now. ha.

      Katie is really into all things magical and mythical – think Percy Jackson and Harry Potter and Emily is into friendships with a twist – Ivy and Bean and … gasp… Twilight… she is begging me to read it to her this summer. She LOVES the movies. I might go ahead and give in.

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